Basiruti Fashion Hillegersberg

Basiruti Luxury Fashion

Weissenbruchlaan 26

3054 LN Rotterdam

Tel + 31 10 422 4387






Sometimes there are those pearls that you prefer to keep to yourself, such as Basiruti, a luxury boutique located in a beautiful location in Hillegersberg, on the Bergse Plas. With beautiful labels such as IRO, Pinko, 8PM, Hannes Roether, Brand Unique, etc. 


At Basiruti, fashion is a celebration that goes hand in hand with the good things in life. Here you can try on the most beautiful clothes at your leisure while enjoying a good glass of champagne, in an atmosphere where everything is just right.


After years of designing collections herself, owner Wilma Wensing is happy to provide expert styling advice, if desired.


Our challenge is to surprise the woman who doesn't really need anything, but who still wants something new. is powered by Voûte Digital Advertising B.V.


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