Here are some facts about Rotterdam. 


Country: The Netherlands


Province: South Holland


Second largest city and municipality in the Netherlands. The largest city is Amsterdam


Rotterdam was heavily bombed during World War II, and as a result, much of the city was destroyed. The city has since been rebuilt and is now known for its modern architecture.


The municipality of Rotterdam is part of the Rotterdam-The Hague Metropolitan Area


In 1340, Rotterdam was granted city rights by William IV, Count of Holland


Rotterdam is Europe's largest seaport


The city hosts several annual events, including the Rotterdam Marathon, the North Sea Jazz Festival, and the International Film Festival Rotterdam.


Mayor: Ahmed Aboutaleb 


Area: Municipality: 324.14 km2 (125.15 sq mi)


Population: (2020):  651,446


Postcode: 3000–3099


Area code: 010


Time zone: UTC+1 (CET)

Summer (DST): UTC+2 (CEST)